Points of interest are the Ardeche canyons, the Chauvet cave and it’s replica, the Chauvet cave 2, Balazuc,  Labeaume , Vogüè, one of France’s most beautiful villages, l’Aven d’Orgnac.

Don’t miss all of this and discover a unique region.

A unique region


Pont d'Arc Ardèche Tourist board


3houses is ideally situated for visiting and discovering all of these sites.

The pont d'Arc and the Ardèche canyon

Situated 5 km from Vallon Pont d’Arc it is one of the spectacular landmarks of the Ardeche.  It’s a natural arch which spans the Ardeche river 60m above the water. It’s the starting point of the popular canyons of the Ardeche,  a natural reserve with multiple treasures and a gem for the fans of kayaking and other outdoor activities.


The Grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche

The grotte Chauvet 2 Ardèche, a replica of the Chauvet cave, is the world’s biggest cave boasting wall paintings and giving you the opportunity of admiring the first work of art of human beings, as ancient as 36000 years. The original cave Chauvet Pont d’Arc (a UNESCO  world heritage site) was discovered in 1994 by 3 amateur speleologists – Jean Marie Chauvet,  Eliette Brunel and Christian Hilaire. The replica shows you unrivalled and mind blowing drawings and paintings that will forever stay embedded in lime and clay.



L'Aven d'orgnac

This story begins 100 million years ago, with the formation of limestone and ends with the discovery of the cave 1935, giving us the chance to take a glance at the gigantic subterranean spaces.  It’s also a story of man who – 350000 years ago – used to find and cut flint stone there. This story continues in the Cité de la Prehistoire where they teach you what you can do with flint stone. Come and learn a bit, dream alot , and let yourself be drawn into another era.


Sports and other outdoor activities

You are at the heart of an outdoor paradise : canoeing,  kayaking, cave tours, rock climbing (via ferrata), tree top adventure … for those preferring more family oriented activities there are pleasant hikes along the voie verte. Electric bike rentals, mountain and racing bike rentals are available for the more adventurous trials .
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For the hikers there are all kinds of possibilities : walks on country lanes, hikes on sign posted trails, with or without a guide. You will always find extraordinary sites, magnificent countryside and hidden gems …

For the fans of horseback riding there are courses for beginners and cross country riding for the more experienced.



Charming villages

For generations those villages, perched high up or hidden in a valley , have had their stone walls turned golden by the sunlight. Some of these villages are just minutes from 3houses : Vogüè,  Labeaume,  Balazuc.

Cultural activities

There is the nationally renowned  Aluna Festival in June in Ruoms with Artists of domestic and international fame.

In a somewhat different setting you will find ‘Labeaume en Musiques’, a music festival with scenes situated on a river, in a cave, in a clearing, or in a chapel. Thanks to its outstanding character this festival, established in 1997, takes its growing audience on a musical voyage.

You will be surprised at the extraordinary expositions organized by the Mirabilia art gallery focussing on the works of painters, sculptors and photographers . There are also lectures, meet and greets with artists, talks and little musical events. For those interested in a hands-on experience courses are offered by the artists as well.

Wine and vineyards

In 2017 the wine makers of this region were awarded the national label ‘Vignobles et Decouvertes’ honouring their outstanding hospitality. Many of them offer wine tasting and guided tours.